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6/24/24 - i have a dream log that ranges from 2014-2024. what if i started illustrating it? that would be cool

6/17/24 - happy pride!! why is burning your own blurays soooooo hard

5/23/24 - i can't believe a game this fun is FREE????

4/21/24 - gotta love picos hank's tornado chasing videos :)

4/4/24 - april showers have begun!!! i walked through tiny pieces of hail today! i think that counts! there was also a chain of MASSIVE storms that were supposed to be super bad and cause tornadoes, but it barely rained. but i still have hope !!

3/16/24 - ok so there was a HUGE thunderstorm (AWESOME) and it was so windy and calm before the storm hit, and i could tell it was so close so I circled a building twice before going inside but it didn't rain on me. and then while i was inside, the storm hit! and it was MASSIVE! and LOUD! and the power flickered off for two seconds! there were really close lightning strikes!! and then my thing ended, and I walked outside, and the sun was out. Birds were singing. someone cursed me with good luck. i have been actively trying to get rained on while outside for three months. but the storm was really nice!! i love thunder!

3/6/24 - it FINALLY actually rained and i got to see all the worms and slugs come out and party on the sidewalks!!! also i beat after alterna for the second time ever

3/5/24 - very promising that the shaved sides of my head look so natural that people did not notice i had gotten a haircut at all! i prefer a lack of reaction to ye olde "OMG your hair!! it's so .. Different.."

3/4/24 - i got my head shaved on the sides!! then i was so happy with my haircut that i couldn't wait for the bus and instead walked two miles (bus passed me five times)

3/2/24 - lately i've been doing this thing where i get a big bag of white cheddar popcorn and eat it and fall into a corn trance like i'm lost in the sauce and then my imagination runs wild until i end up with an idea so good i gotta stop eating corn in order to write it down. it's really great and so much fun and I wish that my intestines were not hostile towards corn lol

2/29/24 - happy leap day!!! april fool's day is in one month!!! i am SO EXCITED for the PRANKSTER'S HOLIDAY!!!!!!!

2/28/24 - there were supposed to be a huge storm with thunder and lightning and tornadoes, but i didn't see or hear any rain at all. it's normal february weather instead of late spring weather, so that's probably good, and it's also evidence that a front really did roll through, but I'm also just very disapointed. i wanted a big storm!!

2/26/24 - i really live in a place where i can't use functional washing machines that i have money for because they now only take payment via an app that is broken for just me. that's a real thing. this is a real problem i have. what kind of world

2/25/24 - today i won a free jar of honey by knowing about bee genders for a pop quiz :D i also finished-finished Side Order, with every weapon. still haven't been knocked out of the tower since my very first run. i spent some time on After Alterna afterwards to remember i am still mortal

2/24/24 - i want to make it so when you enter the website, you click a button that either turns gifs on or off. my coding is not that strong, though. it might genuienly be easier for me to make a duplicate of every page and have all the non-gif ones link to each other. which is probably NOT the Correct Efficient way to do it. but it's a way that i COULD do it. but i probably shouldn't. right?

2/23/24 - cleared the tower two times again lol

2/22/24 - the good weather was due to a front rolling in and today it's raining!! wahoo!!! cleared the tower two more times as well!!

2/21/24 - the weather was perfect today!! went out and hiked/wandered for about three hours in preparation of playing Splatoon 3's Side Order DLC for many, many hours. i beat it in under two hours and felt like a god amongst mortals. i then beat it a second time using the umbrella kit. i've only been knocked out of the tower once. i'm bursting with gamer pride. i am the Best Splatoon Player Ever and my fatal flaw is Hubris